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    The Concept of the Union from the Standpoint of Arbaeen

    The Concept of the Union from the Standpoint of Arbaeen[1] 

    Fighting against Arrogance and Opposition to the Cruelty as an Intrinsic Nature of Human Being

    Opposition between justice and cruelty has been existed from the first day of the Creation until forever. Bringing justice and eliminating cruelty have been institutionalized in human nature so that such attitude known as “Fighting against Arrogance” on global scale.

    Islamic Messianism is a Common Doctrine among all Religions

    Since survivalism and anti-arrogant trend are common among all people, both can pave the way for creating a harmonious movement resulting in bliss for people; in fact, Islamic Messianism and anti-arrogant trend are the two key features of Arbaeen which form a union among Muslims.

    The process of people’s walking tour to Karbala is considered a symbol of Islamic Messianism and anti-arrogant trend so that this movement is regarded as a practice of intrinsic fight against global arrogance that are basic principles of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Indeed, the mentioned movement can keep Muslims closer together resulting in a union.

    Eliminating Israel

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    مداحی انگلیسی به یاد مسلمانان مظلوم نیجریه

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    Just like your Jaun

    شبیه جون

    I wish to give my life lying down in your hands

    آرزو میکنم که جان دهم در حالی که میان دستان تو آرمیده باشم

    I am your servant

    من خادم شما هستم

    Accept me my master take my hand in your hand

    مولای من مرا بپذیر و دستم را در دستانت بگیر

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      Reward of the Martyred Companions   ...



    Reward of the Martyred Companions
    قال الرضا (ع):
    إن سرَّك أن يكون لك من الثواب مِثلُ ما لمَن استُشهد مع الحُسين فقُل متى ما ذكرته يا ليتني كُنت معهم فأفوز فوزاً عظيما

    Imam Ridha’ (A.S.) said (to one of his companions): If you desire that for you be the reward equivalent to that of those martyred along with Husayn (A.S.), then whenever you remember him say: ‘ Oh! Would that I had been with them! A great achievement would I have achieved’.

    Wasaail al‑Shia’h, vol. 14, pg. 501.

    موضوعات: قیام امام حسین علیه السلام  لینک ثابت

    [یکشنبه 1396-05-29] [ 11:10:00 ق.ظ ]

      Laughing Eyes   ...

    laughing eyes,ashura

    The Holy Prophet (S) said:

    قال النبيُّ (ص):
    يا فاطمة كلُّ عينٍ باكية يوم القيامة إلاَّ عينٌ بكَت على مُصاب الحُسين (ع) فإنها ضاحِكة مُستبشرة بنعيم الجنة

    O’ Fatimah! Every eye shall be weeping on the Day of Judgment except the eye which has shed tears over the tragedy of Husayn (A.S.) for surely, that eye shall be laughing and shall be given the glad tidings of the bounties and comforts of Paradise.

    Bihar al‑Anwar, vol. 44 pg. 193.

    موضوعات: ویژگی های امام حسین علیه السلام  لینک ثابت

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