The Battle and Its Related Events

part: ۸

Thereafter, one after the other from the holy household of Imam rushed to the battleground and won the honor of martyrdom.

Imam cried: “O my cousins! O my family members! Be patient. Show forbearance. By Allah, after this day, you will never be dishonored or humiliated.” The narrator says: A moonlike radiant face23 youth came out and went to war. Ibn Fuzail Azadi inflicted a wound on his holy head. He fell down on earth and yelled: “O my uncle!”

Husayn (a.s.) rushed like a preying eagle or an angry lion and struck Ibn Fuzail with his sword. He took the blow on his hand, which got cut off from elbow by the Imam’s sword. Ibn Fuzail gave out a loud yell. Hearing his yell his army rushed to save him. The horses crushed the blessed body of that handsome youth and thus he was martyred.

The narrator says: Once the storm of war settled, I saw that Husayn (a.s.) had stood by the head of the youth and he was hitting the ground with his feet. Imam said: “Far from the Mercy of Allah are those who killed you; those with whom your grandfather will quarrel on the Day of Judgement.”

“It is unpleasant for your uncle to hear your cry for help and he does not respond. Or that he responds but without any benefit for you. By Allah, today his enemies are frequents, and his friends few.” Then he embraced the youth and carried him to the place of the martyrs of the household of the Prophet (S).

The narrator said that when Husayn (a.s.) saw the slain bodies of his companions he personally became ready for fighting with the enemy.

He cried: “Is there anyone to defend the family of the Prophet of Allah? Is there anybody who knows Allah and fears Him regarding our rights? Is there any helper to help us for the sake of Allah’s mercy? Is there any helper who would help us, seeking the Allah’s Rewards?”

At that time, a wailing arose from the womenfolk. The Imam came to the entrance of the tent said: “O my sister Zainab! Bring my little son24 so that I may bid him goodbye.” Imam took him up to kiss him. Harmala25 threw an arrow, which pierced the neck of the little infant. Imam asked Zainab: “Hold him.” Then he collected the child’s blood in his palms and threw it towards the sky, saying: “How easy are these afflictions that have befallen me in the Path and Presence of the Almighty Allah!”

Imam Baqir (a.s.) has said, “Not even a drop of that blood fell back on the ground.” According to another tradition, which appears more reason- able, it was not a normal situation and the Imam, was so busy in the battle, who should not had called for the child. It is said that at that mo-ment Zainab, sister of Imam, brought the baby to him and said: “This child of yours has not had water for the last three days. Please ask water for quenching his thirst.”

Imam (a.s.) took the child in his arms and exclaimed: “O people! You killed my companions, friends, and my household. And now only this infant has remained which is wailing for water. Give him some water for quenching his thirst.” While Imam was uttering those words, a man from the enemy army threw an arrow, which pierced the infant’s neck.

The narrator said: Husayn (a.s.) became extremely thirsty. He rode a horse and intended to reach the Euphrates river. This was so when his brother Abbas stood before him. The army of Umar bin Sa’ad blocked their way. A man from Bani Daram threw an arrow towards Husayn (a.s.), which cut below his chin. Imam placed his hands below the wound, and when his both hands got filled with blood he flung it up-wards and exclaimed: “My God! I complain to You about what is happening to the son of the daughter of Your Prophet.

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