The Battle and Its Related Events

part: ۹

Then the enemy separated Abbas from Husayn (a.s.), encircled him, and killed him - May his soul be sanctified. Husayn (a.s.) wept very much over his brother’s death. The poet portrays it like this:

The worthiest of all the youths is one over whose death his brother weeps;

His martyrdom brought Husayn to tears over;

His brother and the son of his father Ali, Abul Fazl who;

became red-faced with the blood.

The one who did fellowship;

with Husayn To such an extent that he was his partner even in his thirst.

The narrator said: Then Husayn (a.s.) challenged the enemy to come and fight with him. Then whoever came for- ward to confront him was sent to hell by Husayn’s (a.s.) hand. It continued until he killed many of them. He said:

“Martyrdom is better than acceptance disgrace, and humiliation is better than burning in (Hell) fire.”

One of the narrators says: “By Allah, I have never seen a man who had lost his family members and companions, and bearing the sorrow of all calamities, yet showing so much courage and bravery on the battle- field. The enemy continuously launched collective attacks on him. He responded all of them as a consequence of which they fled from him, like a flock of goats flee from a wolf.”

Sometimes he attacked the crowded army of enemy, and scattered them. Then the Imam would return to his main place and said: La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil a’liyyil a’zeem (There is no strength nor power, except from the Almighty Allah).

The narrator said: The Imam fought continuously till the time the enemy came between him and the womenfolk and separated them. The Imam shouted at them: “Woe unto you, o followers of the family of Abu Sufyan. If you have no religion and do not fear the Hereafter and Resurrection, then at least be free and noble in your world; and if you are Arabs, then return to your race (in good behavior).”

Shemr yelled: “O son of Fatima! What are you saying?”

Husayn (a.s.): “I say I am fighting you and you are fighting me. And it is no fault of the women. So until I am alive, these rebels, renegades and unwise people should not disturb my family.” Shemr said: “It is your right, O son of Fatima.” Then the enemies began to attack on him, and he continued fighting. In the meanwhile, he sought water but could not get it until he suffered seventy-two wounds and injuries.

Then Imam (a.s.) halted for a moment to take rest, when a stone thrown by the enemy hit his forehead. Imam tucked up his shirt to prevent the flow of blood from his head. Then a poisoned trident arrow pierced his blessed chest. Imam (a.s.) said: “In the name of Allah, and by Allah, and according to the religion of the Messenger of Allah (S).” Imam raised his blessed head towards the sky and said: “O Allah! You know that these people are killing a man who is the only son of the daughter of Your messenger on the surface of the earth."26

Then he fetched out the arrow from his back, and blood gushed through the wound like a drain- pipe, depriving Imam from his battling strength. Every person from the enemy camp who approached the wounded Imam (to kill him) turned back fearing that he would have to meet Allah as a partner criminal in killing the Imam.

Then a man from Kandah, named Malik bin Nasr (May Allah’s curse him) came and uttered bad words to the Imam, and hit the Imam’s blessed head with his sword. It cut the top of the helmet reaching the skull. The helmet overflowed with the holy blood

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