The Battle and Its Related Events

part: ۱۰

The narrator says: Husayn (a.s.) called for a robe and bound his head with it. He put a mitre on his head and fastened his turban over it. After a short pause the enemies returned to Imam and encircled him. At that time Abdullah27 Ibn Hasan Ibn Ali, who was about twelve years old, came from the camp of the women and rushed towards the Imam. Zain- ab, daughter of Ali (a.s.) went to him to stop him. Abdullah forcefully

refused to turn back and said: “By Allah, I will not leave my uncle.”

Bahr Ibn Ka’b or Harmala Ibn Kahil - advanced towards Imam with a sword in hand. Abullah said: “Woe unto you, the offspring of malicious man! Are you killing my uncle?”

The teenager shielded Imam from the stroke of a sword whereby his hand was cut and began to dangle. Abdullah cried: “O uncle!” Husayn (a.s.) took hold of his nephew and drew him to his chest saying: “O? the son of my brother! Bear patiently what you have suffered, and consider it good, because Allah will make you meet your pious forefathers.”

Harmala bin Kahil threw an arrow at Abdullah and martyred him by the side of his uncle.28 Thereafter Shimr Ibn Ziljushan attacked the tents of Husayn (a.s.) saying: “Give me fire so that I may burn down these tents with all the inmates.”

Husayn (a.s.) said: “O son of Ziljushan! You are demanding fire to burn my family? May Allah burn you in fire.” Then came Shabth whom Imam admonished. So he returned ashamedly. Then Husayn (a.s.) asked his family: “Give me an old cloth so that I may wear it as an undergarment, and they may do not uncover my body.” A tight shirt was brought. He said: “Not this, because this is a disgraceful dress.”

Then he took an old cloth, made some tears in it, and wore it beneath his dress. But they stripped him after his martyrdom, and that cloth looted too.

Thereafter Imam (a.s.) called for “Hebari” trousers and made holes therein so that they may not rob it from his body, and wore it. Yet, after his martyrdom, a man called Bahr Ibn Ka’ab stole it, and left Husayn (a.s.) bare bodied. After Ashura day, both hands of Bahr Ibn Ka’ab became dry, like a couple of dry sticks during winter.

During summer his hands used to become swollen with blood and puss oozed therefrom till Allah killed him. When many wounds were inflicted on the holy body of Husayn (a.s.) and his body became like a porcupine29, a mean-minded cursed fellow called Saleh Ibn Wahab al Mazni (may Allah curse him) inflicted a forceful hit on the flank of Imam which made Husayn (a.s.) fall on the right side from his horse30, and then he stood on his feet.

The narrator said: Zainab (s.a.) came out of the tent and yelled: “O my brother! O my leader! O my household! I wish the sky had fallen down on earth. I wish the mountains had come down to the plains, scattered.” Shimr cried out to his soldiers, “What are you waiting for?” Thereafter, they attacked Imam from every side.

Zar’at Ibn Shuraik (curse of Allah be on him), inflicted a wound on the left shoulder of Imam. The Imam also gave him a blow killing him.

Another fellow struck his sword on the back of Imam, which caused Husayn (a.s.) to fall down on earth headlong. After this he sat up with much difficulty, and again fell on the earth and rose up and walked. Sinan bin Anas Nakhai31 (curse of God be on him) inflicted a wound with his spear on the cavity of Imam’s (a.s.) pharynx and then pierced his spear in the chest.

Thereafter, Sinan shot an arrow, which pierced the Imam’s neck. He fell again and then sat up and pulled out the arrow from his blessed neck. But thereafter he caught the lower part of his neck with both of his palms, which were filled with his holy blood. He colored his head and beard with it and said; “I am going to my God with such a hair dye, while my rights have been violated.”

Umar Ibn Sa’ad told to a man who was on his right: “Woe unto you. Come down and relieve Husayn.” Khuli Ibn Yazeed Asbahi went forward to cut off the head of Husayn but began to tremble! Sinan bin Anas (may he be cursed by Allah) came down and struck his sword on the holy throat saying: “By Allah, I am cutting your neck despite knowing that you are the son of Allah’s Prophet, and the best offspring from the view- point of parents. Then he cut off the holy head

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