The Battle and Its Related Events

part: ۷

Then he turned towards Husayn (a.s.) and said: “Should I not proceed towards my God and join my friends?” Husayn (a.s.) said: “Go towards what is better for you than the world and whatever is in it. Do proceed towards the kingdom where there is no doom.”

Then he rushed forward and fought a severe fight, like the great fighters, tolerated all troubles, and attained martyrdom. May Allah be pleased with him. Then it was the time for noon prayer. Husayn (a.s.) ordered to Zohair Ibn Qain and Saeed bin Abdullah Hanafi to stand in front of them so that the remaining companions may perform the “Prayer of insecure time.”

Every arrow which was thrown at Husayn (a.s.) was defended by Saeed Ibn Abdullah on himself, and he continuously defended the life of the Imam, and did not step back until he fell down on the ground and said: “O Allah! Curse be on these people, as You cursed the people of Aad and Thamud. My God! Convey my salutation to Your messenger and let him know, how we are bearing the wounds inflicted on us. I seek my reward in helping the progeny of Your messenger.” Then he attained martyrdom. May Allah be pleased with him. In addition to wounds inflicted by sword and spears thirteen arrows were found in his body.

The narrator said: Suwaid Ibn Umar Ibn Abil- Muta22, who was a man of God and always busy in worship, rushed forward and dashed like a lion freed from the cage. He bore numerous hits with perfect patience, until he became unable to move. He fell between the killed ones till he heard that Husayn was killed. He collected his latest energy and tried to fight the enemy, till he gained martyrdom. May Allah be pleased with him.

It is said: The companions of Husayn (a.s.) went to battle in front of him. They were as described by a poet:

A group, which is called out for crushing the calamity,

Ought to be mounted on marked horses and in rows,

They have covered their armor by their chests,

And they are competing with one another in giving away their lives;

When all his companions were martyred and none except his household remained, Ali Ibn Husayn (a.s.) who was more handsome than all the companions, and most pious from the viewpoint of morals, sought permission from his father. Imam permitted him. Imam hopelessly had a glance at his son and wept with lowered eyes and then said: “O Allah! Be witness. Surely a youth has rushed to battlefield who is the most similar person to your messenger in appearance, nature, and manners. Whenever I longed to look at Your Messenger, I would to look at him.”

Then he yelled and said: “O Ibn Sa’ad, may Allah cut off your generation just as you cut off my kinsfolk.”

Then Ali rushed to the battlefield and waged a furious war and sent a number of unbelievers to the hell. Then he returned to his father and said: “O dear father! Thirst has almost killed me, and the weight of the armor has sapped my strength. Is any water available?”

Husayn (a.s.) wept and replied: “O my dear son! Wherefrom can I bring water? Put up some more resistance. Very soon you will meet your grandfather Muhammad (S) who will give you a drink, after which you will never feel thirsty.”

Ali went back to battlefield and gave the greatest fight. Manqaz Ibn Marrah Abdi threw an arrow, which made Ali fall down. He cried: “O father! Accept my Salam (farewell). May Allah protect you. Here is my grand- father who sends greetings to you, and says: Hurry up to us.” Then a jerk ended his worldly life.

Husayn (a.s.) came and stood by the body of his son, placed his cheek on his face and said: “May Allah kill those people who killed you. What made them bold enough to go against Allah and violate the honor of His Prophet? Life after you is but a spit.”

The narrator said: Zainab, daughter of Ali (a.s.), came out of the tent and threw herself on his body. Husayn (a.s.) came and asked her to return to the womenfolk.

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