The Battle and Its Related Events

part: 6

Habib went close to him and said: “O Muslim! This condition appears unpleasant to me. Congratulations to you for Paradise!” Muslim responded in a very weak voice: “May Allah also give you good rewards.” Habib said: “Though I am also following you in this path, I like to hear every wish from you so that I may carry it out.” Pointing to Husayn (a.s.), he (Muslim) said: “Wage jihad in the service of this master until death takes you up.”

Habib said: “I accept your will wholeheartedly.” At that moment he expired. May Allah’s pleasure be with him. Thereafter Amr bin Qarzatul Ansari sought permission of Husayn (a.s.), which was granted by the latter. He waged a war like the war of the lovers. He continued courageous fighting, killed many soldiers of Ibn Ziyad. His battle was excel- lent. He took and turned every arrow, which was shot at Husayn (a.s.) on his self.

Similarly he bore every hit of the enemies’ swords wholeheartedly. Until Amr was on his feet, no harm reached Husayn (a.s.). Then the ever-increasing wounds made him fall down, bleeding profusely. Then he looked at Husayn (a.s.) and asked: O son of the Prophet of Allah! Have I fulfilled my promise?”

Imam replied, “Yes! You will be in the Paradise prior to me! Give my re- gards to the holy Prophet (S) and inform that I am coming after you”. He got martyred soon. May Allah bless him.

Thereafter Jaun19, the black slave of Abu Zarr sought permission for battle.

Husayn (a.s.) said: “You are at liberty and permitted to take a path to safety. As you were restful with us, and you need not fall in the troubles of our path.” He submitted: “O son of the Prophet of Allah! In my life of ease and comfort I was extremely indebted to you. Now I will bear the difficulties, which you are undergoing. By Allah, my body?s odor is bad,

my race is low, and my skin is black. Do oblige me so that by following the path to Paradise I may attain pleasant odor, pure race and a white face. By Allah, I will not leave you until my black blood mixes with yours.” Thereafter, he fought fearlessly and became a martyr. May Allah be pleased with him.

The narrator says: Then Amr bin Khalid Saidavi20 got up for fighting and said: “O Aba Abdillah! May I be sacrificed for you. My intention is to join my friends and I do not consider it proper to go against them and to see alone your family and being killed.”

Husayn (a.s.) said: “Go ahead because we are following you to meet you within hours.”

So he went forward, fought and got martyred. May Allah be pleased with him.

The narrator says: Hanzala Ibn Sa’ad Shabami21 came and stood in front of Husayn (a.s.) to protect him with his chest, face and neck against the arrows, swords, and spears. He shouted to the army of the enemy:

“O People! I fear that what chastisement had befallen on the communities of Nuh, Aad, Thamud, and others may befall you too. Allah never desires to oppress His servants. O people! I am afraid of what will happen to you on the Day of Resurrection, when you will run away and will find no helper or refuge. O people! Do not kill Husayn (a.s.), otherwise you will be caught by the chastisement of Allah. Verily whoever makes false accusations would cause more torment for himself

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